Being the Bigger Person

I’m not the type of person to always take the high way ,and not retaliate when someone says mean things. I’m always ready to leave my opponent speechless. It’s like an award,but you see ehn as I grew my peace of mind became a priority.

Also,most time it makes me look wicked, when people don’t give me back hot hot. So, here are just few things you can do most time when they come for your flaws.

1. It’s not worth it:
Most time people who shame you, are just insecure.

2. Your peace of mind is key.

3. People allow their emotions get the best of them. Being the bigger person, it makes you better.

4. I’m not always good at picking and choosing the best insult at that moment. Being the bigger person is much more easier, you don’t need to over think.

5. The fact that, you don’t have to regret anything is amazing. I don’t need to get home and start regretting my actions.

PS: working away is the best standing up for yourself

PSS: Sometimes*

Agodi garden

I’m broke ooo, before someone starts saying money. But in this life, I can’t kill myself.

So, my friend’s and I finally decided to go to Agodi gardens. Agodi gardensis a real park in every way. It doubles as a park and zoological gardens. It’s a first choice get together with friends and family. At Agodi Gardens, you can enjoy a picnic under diverse tropical trees. Various outdoor games can be organised. You can explore the water park and the mini zoo, gazebo, restaurant, mini lake, which is a combination for a perfect relaxation experience.

They also have a great customer service, which I think is amazing.

How much is the entrance fee

Agodi gardens gate fee costfor a sum of #500 naira. Access to various facilities on offer may also vary.

Best time to visit

I think the day time is the best and let say evening too.

Easiest Transport

Bike, because it won’t disappoint you. From Agbowo to the park, we paid # 300.

PS: Go with a shower cap, because you can’t swim without one. We had to buy what they were selling.

PSS: Don’t go alone,and also make friends

Basically, we had fun….

Embrace your individuality

Unpopular opinion

Listening to Radio is therapeutic

How are we able to identify that we have insecurities? . For me, it only took a person to tell me. For some, it could be comparison. I remember then in secondary school, a friend of mine would constantly make fun of my legs. I don’t have straight legs, but I never knew it was a problem. I allowed his words sink in and I became insecure. I always wore trousers to hide my legs, I only wore heels on long dresses. Crazy right!

On the radio ,the Presenter asked that people shared one thing they felt insecure about. Most people called that they were insecure about their nose, face basically physical appearance. The funny thing is how we all have similar insecurities,because we’re Human.

Then , I begin to imagine what life would be without our insecurities, I guess boring. The truth is, these flaws are what makes us US. Perfection is an illusion, if you think it belongs to other except you. You’re a MASTERPIECE!

Most time we concentrate on the negative things, try thinking about the good attributes about yourself. In general, love alllll that makes you unique. So, instead of covering that flaws like I did, flaunt it. You may not want to sing, because you feel you’re not a certain way. That’s BS!


Happy New year

Happy New Year!!!

January 1st doesn’t come with some type of magic. Everything you will be accomplishing is as a result of the work you put in and a bit of serendipity.

Last year, I really didn’t write any goals,because mentally, spiritually, physically, academically I wasn’t ready. But we survived. The goal this year is to be at peace with my neighbours, be at war with my vices and do more.

Since this is my first January in this blog,I’ll like to pen down some things I want done. Here we go

  • Save more. December 2019 dealt with me so bad, but this year we’re gonna save more schmoney
  • Start exercising for real fam!I’ve been saying that since forever now.
  • More water less Pepsi
  • Be consistent
  • Create time for things that I value
  • Be spiritual(Guys I can count how many times I went to church in 2019)
  • Read more
  • Improve on my academics

This year shall be year of double blessings, divine favour, opportunities ijn.

Happy Thanksgiving

View of life

Hello!!! beautiful People,

Where have you been? what happened? Kindly stay tuned for my life update. I will like to state things I have come to realise recently.

Change, is the only thing constant in life. I guess I’ve changed lately. I used to be so insecure about some part of my body, I guess i realized beauty has no standard. I used to view people a certain way, well I’m beginning to understand that, people’s orientation is different and I shouldn’t try to project mine.

Before writing this piece, I have realised how a person’s view of life influences that individual. Your view to life determine how you invest your time, value your relationship, spend your money and use your talent.

I’ve heard so many things of what life is, I have heard life is a journey, game,short, roller coaster, puzzle,dance,market and so on. Try picture an image of what life means to you. That’s your view of life, consciously or unconsciously in your mind. It’s your perspective and expectations from it.

Sometimes we express these through our passion, beauty, clothes, cars,writing, anything you can think of. Your view of life determine your relationships, values, goals, priorities, expectations…. For instance, if you see life as a race, you’ll always want to do things on time, fast. If you see life as a battlefield, you’ll value winning. If you see life as a process, you tend to take life one step at a time. Same goes to your view of life as being short, a party, an experience and more.

What then is your view of life?

Before we try to judge others (i would have said ask them what their perspective was or you may just study them). Everyone’s orientation of life is different, doesn’t mean they don’t value life.

I hope I was able to inspire someone.

It’s okay when it doesn’t go as planned.

Hello Fam!

Hope you are having an incredible day?, for me no, can I just be done with my exams?

There used to be a time i mapped out my whole life with timelines. When to gain admission into the university , when to be done , when to find love,to get job,at what age to do certain things in my life. But like the saying;

Shit happens

That one year at home changed my view about life. Most of the time we have our futures meticulously planned out with deadlines. Surprisingly, it works for some,but what happens when you’re not that “some”. Does it mean you are useless or you can’t make it again. Most of us begin to compare ourselves to others because they are making it at a certain age. We forget we are all different and therefore our path to success will be different. Don’t be hard on yourself.

I am learning to live in the moment, go with the flow and not to be hard on myself but I should be consistent. Sometimes it’s okay when it doesn’t go as planned. Never give up!

Comment your thoughts below and I’ll see you on my next post .BYE

Fear to ….

Before I made my blog a reality, I always avoided doing certain things because of fear and anxiety. Fear of criticism, fear that I may not achieve it even without making an attempt. There are days when a fantastic idea pops up, I write them in my journal but by the time I’m reading it over again, I become uncertain. It wasn’t until when a friend asked what I’m passionate about, I begin to realise how my fear has made creative ideas to pass.

With time I understood that creative ideas don’t die but rather leave and move to someone that can manifest on such ideas. I’ve decided to act on these ideas and fight my fears. Fear is a thief of passion, happiness, joy, creativity, it can control ones life and if allowed one can become useless and unhappy.

I’m beginning to understand that people will always have an opinion, what makes us great is when we don’t project their opinion. We all have the ability to be creative, we have the ability to be somebody great, we have the ability to be successful, so challenge those fears stopping you from actualizing your full potentials.

Quick question: what day do you prefer for my blog update?


πŸ“ Ventura Mall, Sango Ibadan

Happy New month!!!

So, I finished my marathon test yesterday and I just wanted to be spoilt. My friend’s friend did a wonderful job by taking us out. It wasn’t the regular ( coldstone), but we went to a different place- a restaurant!

Three years in IB and I haven’t heard about this place. We went in the evening and surprising it wasn’t crowded. The place is super cosy and is aesthetically pleasing. I love the fact that they pay attention to little details in terms of furniture, lighting, artworks,restaurants arrangement and the cute food pieces used to decorate the place. The restaurant opens at 9am and close at 10pm.

Customer Experience

The staff are welcoming, the place has a chilling vibes especially with the background music. We didn’t seat up to 5min when someone attended to us. Their food was amazing, the plantain was freshly fried which just made my night. Since I wasn’t the one paying, I didn’t take not of the cost of the food, but I’m definitely going there again.


They also have elegant spot to take pictures…

Share you experience if you’ve been there. I hope you love it and I’ll see you soon….

|lifestyle | My love for pictures

I love taking pictures, it’s a way of me documenting and capturing moments. It reminds me of how I felt at that particular time.

Growing up, I was never a picture lover. I would always hide behind or give excuse. To me I wasn’t pretty enough for a picture. Until one faithful day, I accompanied my mom to a wedding ceremony. It was time to take pictures and as usual I said no. Eventually, I took one picture even though she forced me and also made me to smile. What she said resonated in my mind till today(that sounds correct but I dunno). She said; when you take pictures, you indirectly love and appreciate yourself the more. There are days when the thought of not looking pretty come up, and once I just look at my gallery, I’m like damn, Omo mo fine mehn (I’m really fine o).

For me, I just love taking pictures, be it food, myself, nature and hold on to the moment. I have tons of photo albums just to look back and smile.

Basically, pictures are something you can smile over, like when you’re bored, you look at yourself and boom your alive again.

Ps: I was inspired by a blogger- lyfe of Shawn.

I hope you love it, see you soon.


πŸ“Beside First Bank Adeoyo Junction, Ring Road, Oluyole Ibadan, Oyo Nigeria.

Hello Fam!

How are we all doing? Yes I need to do a life update because I don’t know why I stopped blogging.

Finally I went to Paris Bakery. First things first, the hype about this place is just too much, but I must confess their ice cream is nice and affordable.The environment is conducive and the customer service is great. I was surprised no one stopped us from taking pictures even though they all turned out to be blurryπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ.

A scoop of ice cream cost #400, 2 cost #700, while 3 #1000. I still don’t understand the price though.

Chicken pie #300



So, I spent #1600


For me the chicken pie was not so good, I didn’t even finish it. Not that it was too big, it wasn’t just nice.I love the Doughnut, it was fluffy and it taste really good.

These are the other things they sell,so you can budget well.They also have an elegant spot for taking pictures..

I hope you love it,and I’ll see you on my next post BYE….

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